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Mockingbird – Mockingbird (Reissue)

“The guitars sound like they’re carving their way through 800-year-old redwoods, while sludge and smoke wash over the arrangements and cling to the air.”
– Decibel Magazine

Format: 12″ VINYL – $15

IV:014 – Format: CD – $6
Mockingbird / Red Sun -Split

“If there’s one bad thing about this release, it’s that there isn’t more of it… If you’re into your modern sludge and you haven’t heard these two bands, then pull your finger out and sort that out now!”
- Born Again Nihilist

IV:013 – Format: 7″ VINYL – $6
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Mockingbird – Hard Tellin’ Not Knowin’

Format: MP3 – $.99


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Red Sun – Ragnarok

Format: MP3 – $.99

Sludge / Metal / Progressive

Mockingbird began in October of 2008 in Akron, OH with it’s members initially scattered throughout the state, but they would all soon move to Akron, one by one, to form the current lineup. The band is composed of musicians integral to many Ohio bands over the last 17 years, such as Rune, Rue, Ultra Lord, Twenty Third Chapter, Medusa Complex, Ichabod Crane and Soul Compost, to name a few.

The band’s debut EP was recorded in March of 2010 and released that July on Innervenus, which sold out it’s limited run of 300 CDs almost immediately. The album, revamped with new artwork and a bonus track, was released on 12″ vinyl in May 2011 on Hellville Records. To coincide with the vinyl release, Innervenus re-issued the new CD version along with a split 7″ featuring the band, Red Sun.

Mockingbird is currently prepping for a new album, due out sometime in 2013.


  • Andy Strickland – Guitar / Vocals
  • Mike Gilpatrick – Bass
  • Chadd Beverlin – Drums


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