Molasses Barge


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Molasses Barge – Jewels

“Jewels is an epic, 4-part thunderfuck mantra with breaks between tracks, even though this particular rock n’ roll chef recommends you serve the final product as an uninterrupted whole. It’s like Penance, the entire Maryland doom scene and Kyuss circa Welcome To Sky Valley, all congealed in the same time and space and decided to cut a few seamless tracks together.”
– Jay Snyder,

IV:015 – Format: CD – $6

Doom / Sludge / Stoner

The band started in summer 2008 with Wayne Massey and Justin Gizzi, both formerly of the band CHANO. Butch Balich (ARGUS, PENANCE) came aboard a few months later, and the three were eventually joined by Ken Houser (PLASTERED BASTARDS, WRATHCOBRA). Kenny played bass at the first Molasses Barge show, before moving to guitar after Dave Warren (SATANIC BAT, NEGATIVE THEORY) joined in the fall of 2009. Two shows with this lineup would follow, with Warren switching to guitar a short time later, before moving on to play with DETHLEHEM, after Amy Bianco (MOTORPSYCHOS, LYCOSA) joined in on bass early in 2010.


  • Brian “Butch” Balich – Vocals
  • Justin Gizzi – Guitar
  • Kenny Houser – Guitar
  • Amy Bianco – Bass
  • Wayne Massey – Drums


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