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Vulture – Oblivious to Ruin

“From start to finish, Oblivious To Ruin is relentless in its size and its anguish. Drums become barrels, sticks become tree trunks, guitars become eternal torches. Each track spends every breath grasping at something concrete, only to stumble to its knees. THIS is where Vulture excel. If this band had the slightest bit of hope, they may not sound so brutal, so dirty, or so awesome.”

IV:020 – Format: CD – $10

Iron Atrocity Vol. 1

A documentation of the Pittsburgh metal scene, as compiled by the Innervenus Music Collective. FEATURING: Hero Destroyed, Complete Failure, Storm King, Invader, Fist Fight in the Parking Lot, Molasses Barge, Sistered, Dethlehem, Brutal Epidemic, Beneath the Remains, Ten of Swords, Torrential Bleeding, Metacide, Leprosy, Abysme & Vulture.

IV:016 – Format: CD – NOT FOR SALE

Sludge / Doom / Metal

After playing together for a number of years, guitarist Garrett Twardesky and drummer Kelly Gabany decided to expand their musical sphere with a new stoner rock/doom metal band, and thus VULTURE was formed. Frontman Buddy Smith was added to the lineup, and as the band began to coalesce around this core, Buddy introduced into the group guitarist Gene Fikhman and bassist Justin Bach, solidifying the group as a five piece in the summer of 2007. After a year of writing and playing shows, the band released a self-titled EP in the waning months of 2008, recorded in Virginia with the late Corey Smoot of GWAR.

As the following summer approached, musical differences lead to a departure of Buddy from the group, opening up a position for a new vocalist, which was quickly filled by longtime friend Justin Erb. Reworking of previous material and creation of new material began in earnest, as the band ventured forth to display their particular brand of “Steel City Sludge” to the masses.

Building a solid following in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, VULTURE was given the opportunity to record an exclusive track for the Innervenus Music Collective release “Iron Atrocity, Vol. 1″ in early 2011. They delivered in spades with the excellent “Prick of Misery”, recorded in Akron at Colfax Alley Studios with James Curl of Complete Failure. This in turn led to further communication between the band and Innervenus, who approached the band to release their first full length album.

The band returned to Colfax Alley Studios in August 2011 where they managed to craft a full length album which showcases their ability to sonically crush skulls with a groove and style all their own. This debut full length album entitled “Oblivious To Ruin” also features stunning artwork from longtime collaborator, Chris Smith.

“Oblivious To Ruin” was released March 31st, 2012 on Innervenus.


  • Justin Erb – Vocals
  • Garrett Twardesky – Guitar
  • Gene Fikhman – Guitar
  • Justin Bach – Bass
  • Kelly Gabany – Drums


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